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The Importance of Fun-Factor

In 2013, Brian and I were visiting friends and family in Montana. One of my all-time bucket list climbs for Montana is a burly mountain called Great Northern. It stands just beyond the southern edge of Glacier National Park rises to 8,705 ft. It’s the tallest peak in the Great Bear Wilderness, so the views…read more

The Price of Having Fun

I remember when Brian and I switched health insurance a few years ago, looking specifically at which plan had the best emergency medical coverage. Because it turns out, playing the mountains has a little bit higher risk of injury! Of course, we always work to manage and minimize risk, but sometimes part of the fun…read more

Thunderbolts and Lightning, Very Very Frightening!

One of the biggest risks in the wilderness in the summer is one of nature’s coolest phenomenon: Lightning! I was super terrified of lightning when I was little, until I turned 4 and my dad put me on his shoulders one day and made me hang out in the garage to watch it. Now I…read more

What’s in your pack? Hiking with the Ten Essentials

The sun is out, the snow is melting, flowers are blooming and the mud is drying. Add it all up and summer is here and it’s time to bust out those hiking boots! That means it’s time to get your gear organized, so you can grab-n-go and get out on the trail quicker! I am…read more

Memorial Day Mountain Mistakes

I had an interesting run-in over this holiday weekend. It was a great reminder of everything you SHOULDN’T do. Travel in the wilderness, especially in high-altitude mountains, requires a certain respect for mother nature. You never know when she will turn on you and you should always be prepared for her to do so! In…read more