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My Dog, the Running Buddy

Since my move, I have really missed my awesome and inspiring running buddies, Becky and Elida.  They are rock solid, fun, distracting, motivating and we have the most hilarious conversations while running.  I’m serious.  No topic is off limits with your running buddies during a 10 mile training run.  I’ve accomplished things with those two…read more

Weekend Warrior: Three Days In Moab – Adventure Detour

Our second day, we attempted to ride Long Canyon to Gemini Bridge, which is northeast of town.  We headed out on Hwy 279, which takes off southwest along the Colorado River.  The side of the highway is littered with rock climbers, as this is one of the best climbing hubs in town.  It’s pretty amazing…read more

Gear Review: FitBit Surge

I’ve been a long-time Fit Bit user, thanks to a challenge at Title Nine where we all raced to the North Pole (and back) as part of a team. We watched our progress on the map. It was super fun. I started with a FitBit Zip, then graduated to a FitBit Flex when I kept…read more

Adventures in SUP

Change is the spice of life. And trying something new is the heart of adventure.  Well, during my summer of (f)unemployment I am gonna try a few new things! For my first adventure, I decided to try the Stand Up Paddleboarding craze.  It’s the fastest growing water sport and has been tremendously popular. I did some…read more

Sweat, Suffering and Friendship

I was an athlete for a long time. I rowed all through high school and college, with the latter being a very intense, DI program at the University of Tennessee. We trained. A lot. Amazingly, despite the fact that I graduated 13 years ago, I am still very close friends with many of my teammates….read more