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Holy shit… I'm a mom. … I never thought I would ever say those words.  Since becoming a mom, I've been adapting to a new "normal."  I've been surprised at how simple this has felt in some ways, as I've gotten used to my daily routine.  On the other hand, I've also been surprised at…read more

Former Tenant Evicted

My last blog (a while ago… sorry!) addressed the massive suckage that is pregnancy.  Well, my little bundle of joy, named River, *FINALLY* arrived.  That whole birth thing was pretty brutal, but I had a wonderful, supportive husband at my side and a really kick-ass nursing staff to help me through it at the hospital….read more


What makes a place feel like home? I’ve been watching Tiny House on HGTV and reading blogs about living in your bus, or a van and I often ponder this question.  These folks that travel so much and wander for a living… What does “home” mean anyways? I just returned to Portland, OR for my…read more

Chicken Little

After much persuasion and convincing, Brian finally relented and let me get chickens!  He was kind enough to pick up a few for me on a work trip to Denver.  I picked up a couple more at our local feed shop and suddenly, we have a little flock of baby chicks!  We are now hard…read more

Every Day Is A Gift

I’ve been in a funk lately.  I have been tired and sleeping a lot.  I’ve been grumpy more often than not.  I don’t want to hike or be outside, much less blog about the outdoors.  The couch has a permanent indentation from my ass, as I’ve sulked away the hours.  Let’s be real here…  I’ve…read more

Winter is Coming…

I haven’t posted in a while… we bought a house!  And moved!  And I started a new job!!  Holy Crap!  It’s been bananas, but we are finally starting to get settled in.  🙂  Thanks for bearing with me.  Now that we are past the move, we find the seasons changing.  Just like in my favorite show,…read more

Disconnecting in the Digital Age

Brian and I just bought a beautiful home in the country, north of Silverthorne, CO.  We are next door (literally) to a trailhead, a creek and have a mountain range in our front yard.  It’s an older home, but we are all set to turn it into the ski lodge of our dreams.  Truly, we…read more

Backcountry Tales… the Creepy Kind

As I sat outside, alone by the fire this evening, my dog sat with his ears perked up, staring off into the darkness. He was probably just listening to a squirrel or something, but it freaked me out that a moose was going to pop out of the bushes. When you are alone, you tend…read more

Downsides to a Mountain Town: Real Estate

We have been living in Summit County, CO for the last 10 months. It’s been fantastic on a lot of different levels. It truly is our Mountain Happy Place. The big downer, however, has been finding a place to live. I read somewhere that only 30% of the actual population of Summit County actually lives…read more

Leave No Trace

A while ago, I wrote about “Wilderness Jackwads” and how crazy they make me.  So I figured I should address the idea of Leave No Trace… What is Leave No Trace? Leave No Trace is an ethical code of conduct for anyone exploring the wilderness or really doing any outdoor activities. Leave No Trace is…read more