Monthly Archives: July 29, 2015

Leave No Trace

A while ago, I wrote about “Wilderness Jackwads” and how crazy they make me.  So I figured I should address the idea of Leave No Trace… What is Leave No Trace? Leave No Trace is an ethical code of conduct for anyone exploring the wilderness or really doing any outdoor activities. Leave No Trace is…read more

The Price of Having Fun

I remember when Brian and I switched health insurance a few years ago, looking specifically at which plan had the best emergency medical coverage. Because it turns out, playing the mountains has a little bit higher risk of injury! Of course, we always work to manage and minimize risk, but sometimes part of the fun…read more

Gear Review: Therm-A-Rest EvoLite

I have been a Therm-A-Rest devotee for many years.  I rocked a Therm-A-Rest 3/4 length self-inflatable for what seemed like an eternity until it finally got retired after college. Then, I moved on to a Z-lite foam pad to save weight for about 8 years. As I’ve gotten older, I find it a little tougher…read more

Backpacking Upper Cataract Lake: The Zombie Shuffle

This past weekend, I finally got back outside for a little overnight backpacking trip with Brian and Scotty dog. The last year was a little crazy for us with work, travel and moving to CO, so we haven’t been backpacking since an amazing long weekend trip in 2013. That year, we spent 4 days backpacking…read more

Rocky Mountain National Park… Car-Touring?

I’m usually one of those people who turns up their nose at the thought of just DRIVING through a National Park. I love hiking. I love camping. I love to smell the air and feel the breeze. I want to really experience what makes an area special and DO something. I want a spectacular view…read more