Monthly Archives: September 17, 2015

Change Is In The Air

Fall has come around in the high country.  The air is crisp and I’m rocking a beanie again.  Oktoberfest has come and gone.  Leaves are turning from green to brilliant yellows and reds.  Given all the change around me, when a friend of mine asked a question about how to deal with change, it really…read more

Gear Review: FitBit Surge

I’ve been a long-time Fit Bit user, thanks to a challenge at Title Nine where we all raced to the North Pole (and back) as part of a team. We watched our progress on the map. It was super fun. I started with a FitBit Zip, then graduated to a FitBit Flex when I kept…read more


Hey there!   Being down and out with my foot injury still, I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogs to live vicariously through others and keep up with the latest and greatest in the Outdoor Industry!  I decided to sign up for Bloglovin’!  If you like to browse blogs, it keeps you up…read more