Holy shit… I'm a mom. … I never thought I would ever say those words.  Since becoming a mom, I've been adapting to a new "normal."  I've been surprised at how simple this has felt in some ways, as I've gotten used to my daily routine.  On the other hand, I've also been surprised at…read more

Former Tenant Evicted

My last blog (a while ago… sorry!) addressed the massive suckage that is pregnancy.  Well, my little bundle of joy, named River, *FINALLY* arrived.  That whole birth thing was pretty brutal, but I had a wonderful, supportive husband at my side and a really kick-ass nursing staff to help me through it at the hospital….read more

Pregnancy Sucks

I’m not going to sugar coat it: being pregnant sucks.  Yes, of course I’m glad we made the decision to have a kid.  Don’t doubt that.  But I’m finding that the process of getting from point A (“Let’s have a kid!”) to point B (Actually having said kid) is kind of the worst. I’m sure…read more

Who are you and what have you done with my friend?  

Who are you and what have you done with my friend Ginny?   This is the response I’ve heard the most since telling the world I was pregnant…which makes sense.  I’ve never liked babies.  I think they are sticky, ugly and gross.  Emphasis on gross.  I tend to run away when too many toddlers congregate….read more

My Dog, the Running Buddy

Since my move, I have really missed my awesome and inspiring running buddies, Becky and Elida.  They are rock solid, fun, distracting, motivating and we have the most hilarious conversations while running.  I’m serious.  No topic is off limits with your running buddies during a 10 mile training run.  I’ve accomplished things with those two…read more

The Couple that Plays Together, Stays Together

Two weeks ago,  I got to take my first vacation since I started my new job (which I love, by the way).  IT. WAS. EPIC.  I didn’t realize how bad I needed a few days off!  Brian and I just celebrated our 9th anniversary.  Rather than getting stuff for each other, we try to go…read more


What makes a place feel like home? I’ve been watching Tiny House on HGTV and reading blogs about living in your bus, or a van and I often ponder this question.  These folks that travel so much and wander for a living… What does “home” mean anyways? I just returned to Portland, OR for my…read more

Walk Away or Try Harder?

I recently read a wonderful Op Ed, called “Will you do it later, Or will you do it now?”  In this post, author Carolyn Highland compared making tough life decisions to waking up in your tent in the middle of the night and having to pee.  This, hilariously, really struck a chord with me.  I…read more

Weekend Warrior: Three Days In Moab – Adventure Detour

Our second day, we attempted to ride Long Canyon to Gemini Bridge, which is northeast of town.  We headed out on Hwy 279, which takes off southwest along the Colorado River.  The side of the highway is littered with rock climbers, as this is one of the best climbing hubs in town.  It’s pretty amazing…read more

Weekend Warrior: Three Days in Moab – Onion Creek

I recently got to join Brian and his family on their sometimes-annual pilgrimage to Moab, UT.  Brian’s been riding motorcycles with his dad and brother since he was about 5 years old.  Moab is sort of a meet-in-the-middle destination, with his parents heading up from Arizona and his brother’s family/friends heading in from Idaho.  Moab…read more

Chicken Little

After much persuasion and convincing, Brian finally relented and let me get chickens!  He was kind enough to pick up a few for me on a work trip to Denver.  I picked up a couple more at our local feed shop and suddenly, we have a little flock of baby chicks!  We are now hard…read more

Every Day Is A Gift

I’ve been in a funk lately.  I have been tired and sleeping a lot.  I’ve been grumpy more often than not.  I don’t want to hike or be outside, much less blog about the outdoors.  The couch has a permanent indentation from my ass, as I’ve sulked away the hours.  Let’s be real here…  I’ve…read more

Winter is Coming…

I haven’t posted in a while… we bought a house!  And moved!  And I started a new job!!  Holy Crap!  It’s been bananas, but we are finally starting to get settled in.  🙂  Thanks for bearing with me.  Now that we are past the move, we find the seasons changing.  Just like in my favorite show,…read more

Disconnecting in the Digital Age

Brian and I just bought a beautiful home in the country, north of Silverthorne, CO.  We are next door (literally) to a trailhead, a creek and have a mountain range in our front yard.  It’s an older home, but we are all set to turn it into the ski lodge of our dreams.  Truly, we…read more

Change Is In The Air

Fall has come around in the high country.  The air is crisp and I’m rocking a beanie again.  Oktoberfest has come and gone.  Leaves are turning from green to brilliant yellows and reds.  Given all the change around me, when a friend of mine asked a question about how to deal with change, it really…read more

Gear Review: FitBit Surge

I’ve been a long-time Fit Bit user, thanks to a challenge at Title Nine where we all raced to the North Pole (and back) as part of a team. We watched our progress on the map. It was super fun. I started with a FitBit Zip, then graduated to a FitBit Flex when I kept…read more


Hey there!   Being down and out with my foot injury still, I’ve spent a lot of time reading other blogs to live vicariously through others and keep up with the latest and greatest in the Outdoor Industry!  I decided to sign up for Bloglovin’!  If you like to browse blogs, it keeps you up…read more

The Power of Role Models

Brian’s 17-year old niece, Hannah, was recently here visiting us in Colorado. I can’t do a ton of activity on my ankle yet, but we took her stand-up paddleboarding and whitewater rafting. It was important to me to get her out to experience some new things she might not have the chance to do at…read more

The Importance of Fun-Factor

In 2013, Brian and I were visiting friends and family in Montana. One of my all-time bucket list climbs for Montana is a burly mountain called Great Northern. It stands just beyond the southern edge of Glacier National Park rises to 8,705 ft. It’s the tallest peak in the Great Bear Wilderness, so the views…read more

Backcountry Tales… the Creepy Kind

As I sat outside, alone by the fire this evening, my dog sat with his ears perked up, staring off into the darkness. He was probably just listening to a squirrel or something, but it freaked me out that a moose was going to pop out of the bushes. When you are alone, you tend…read more